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From Earth to Art Ordering and Shipping Information

Ordering Information:

To place an order please reference the item number listed by the piece that you wish to purchase.

Personalized Orders: To order a personalized piece, please reference the item number next to the piece you wish to order. Next, forward your horses' mane and/or tail hair or your dog's coarsest, longest hair through the mail. Please include your item reference number and contact information when sending hair.

For personalized orders, the amount of  hair to complete one piece should half fill a sandwich bag.

If the hair that you are sending is from a deceased animal companion, please specify so. Also, do not send all of the remaining hair that you have through the postal system. If your remaining hair is limited, please call ahead to discuss options.

If you are interested in placing a trophy order or a quantity price break, call ahead for special pricing.

The cut off date for end of year/holiday orders: tentative deadline mid October- orders may still be placed, but cannot be guaranteed to arrive for the holidays after this date due to quantity of in house orders, and required temperature for the firing process.

                         Gift Certificates are available.

Payment Method:

The payment methods that we accept are check, money order, Visa & Master card.  Orders paid by personal check will be processed after the check has cleared.

Shipping Methods:

Shipping time frame is 6-12 weeks. Often we are able to expedite  prior to our shipping time frame, but we will not guarantee an earlier delivery. If you require a 'rush' order, please feel free to call us and we will always try to accommodate.

Shipping Charges:

Within the United States, shipping charges are $9.50 for the first piece and $2.00 for each additional piece.

Refund/Return Policy:

We are committed to customer satisfaction and offer a 30 day refund/return policy on all retail merchandise, minus the return shipping cost.


Orders may only be canceled on the same day/date that it was placed.


It is not okay to send deceased human hair to me. I only work with hair from horses, dogs, donkeys, etc.

I do not do cat hair pottery due to allergy issues.

Thank you for your consideration.

Contact Us:

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